Outreach Ministries

Alive Bible 1

You’ll experience the Bible as never before. The Bible – or the Scriptures, as some people call God’s Word – is where we find amazing direction from the God of the universe. He loves us and wants us to be in His kingdom; a ‘Forever Friend’ of Jesus, His Son who died for us. You’ll […]

Bible Marking

You’ll learn a number of ‘clever’ ways to find the treasures in God’s Word – the Bible. How? There’s a number of Bible Marking methods – Chain Reference, Colour Code, Cross Reference (or Marginal Reference) Number Reference, Highlighting-or-Underlining and Subject Lists. Learn the advantages these Bible Marking methods offer as you apply them to your […]

Christian Storytelling 1

Christian Storytelling is a wonderful God-given art which has inspired and encouraged people from the Garden of Eden right up to our present time.  It will continue to do so. This is the first level of the Christian Story telling honours and you’ll learn the ‘tricks of the trade’; how to help with nervousness, for […]

Christian Worship 1

This honour gives an introduction to Christian Worship. As Christians, we worship our God. So it makes sense that we examine His scriptures to help us understand who our God is and to find out about Christian worship. This honour is based on the Scriptures. First we look at the ‘big picture’ as events unfold over time. The aim […]

Cultural Diversity

This is a fascinating honour as it provides the incentive to meet interesting people – people from other countries. You’ll learn the definition of terms such as stereotype, culture and cultural diversity.  You’ll find out what the scriptures tell us about cultural diversity. You’ll compare notes on traditions, cultures, clothing, food, worship and other things.  […]

Language Study

For those Pathfinders who can speak more than one language fluently, this honour is a great one for you to do.  We call a ‘foreign’ language one which is not native to you. You will translate both the written word and a short presentation of a foreign language.  Using a foreign language, you’ll have a […]

Puppetry 1

Here’s your chance to apply your creativity to the max. Learn about the different types of puppets — finger, hand, monster style and many more. You’ll know how to become a successful puppeteer as you learn and practice the ‘tricks of the trade’ — how to make a puppet ‘come alive’ and so on. You’ll make […]

Puppetry 2

At this high level, you will have already gained knowledge and experience in the creative art of Puppetry. Completing the Christian Storytelling 1 Honour will have given you a valuable insight into constructing and delivering stories. With this honour, you will use puppets to get your messages across. You will be involved in training others and […]


This is a fascinating honour.  It introduces the core of Christianity – the Sanctuary. Imagine yourself, right there in the wilderness below Mount Sinai.  With God’s leading, you’ve escaped slavery in Egypt and now He has instructed Moses to construct His sanctuary. You’ll examine the scriptures to get a grasp of things such as the […]