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Keepers of the Flame

This TV series is a great resource for your church history requirements. Taking you to locations in Europe, North America and Australia, Dr. Allan Lindsay retells the great stories of controversy and faith that have led to the emergence of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Dramatic vignettes capture the greatest moments of Martin Luther, the Waldenses, […]

Master Guide

The Master Guide course is an excellent junior leadership and personal development program.  This course will give the insights into the Bible, the Seventh-day Adventist church as well as equip you with new personal, relational and leadership skills. As a young person aspiring to Christian leadership, it is of paramount importance that you continue to […]

Memory Gems

Memory Gems are a selection of Bible verses Pathfinders are required to memorise during each year, and be tested on at the end of the year. This is a requirement regardless of which curriculum is being followed. Memory Gem Lists Memory Gem Certificates are provided by your local Conference/Mission Youth Department direct or via the District […]

New Honours

We are constantly expanding our honour database with great ideas for new honours. If you wish to contribute an idea for a new honour then we would love to hear from you. All our new honours are reviewed by the South Pacific Division Honour Committee, who require a small questionnaire about the honour is completed. […]

Pathfinder Leadership Award

This Pathfinder Leadership Award (PLA) has been introduced as the entry level training package for all Pathfinder club leaders and staff throughout the South Pacific Division as from 1st January, 2009.  It enables all training participants to develop a thorough understanding of the philosophy and practice of Pathfindering. It provides comprehensive and quality training in […]

Pathfinder Specialist Award

Welcome to the Pathfinder Specialist Award (PSA), the highest level of Pathfinder leadership training.  The PSA has been introduced as a specialist-level training package for all Pathfinder leaders and staff members throughout the South Pacific Division as from April 1, 2010. The PSA enables all training participants to develop a specialist understanding of the philosophy […]

Staff Manuals

World Pathfinder Day

A special Sabbath where the world join together to celebrate World Pathfinder Day. Click here to access these resources