Pathfinders in the South Pacific

Pathfinders is an activity based organisation especially designed for 10–15 year olds. It is an international uniformed organisation that is sponsored by the local Seventh-day Adventist churches, and operated by trained volunteers.

The program provides opportunity to:

  • develop self-worth in a fun, safe and caring environment
  • develop an appreciation of Christian spirituality and its role in personal lifestyle
  • aid in the development of leadership and positive group skills, teamwork and fun problem solving experiences
  • focus on developing skills in outdoor and environmental issues through practical camping, hiking, nature study and other outdoor adventure activities
  • expose those involved to a wide range of skills, crafts, arts and other practical skills
  • teach the awareness of joy in serving others and the understanding of opportunities within community needs
  • encourage a good healthy lifestyle that says no to any drugs or any other harmful substances.

Resources are available on this website to assist you with your Pathfinder ministry.

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