Master Guide

The Master Guide course is an excellent junior leadership and personal development program.  This course will give the insights into the Bible, the Seventh-day Adventist church as well as equip you with new personal, relational and leadership skills. As a young person aspiring to Christian leadership, it is of paramount importance that you continue to […]

Specialty Curriculum

The Specialty curriculum utilises the Standard curriculum for the Junior classes (Friend, Companion and Explorer) yet utilises a different approach to learning for the Teen classes (Ranger, Voyager, Guide).   This program is more practical and physical.  The teen classes work together as one group and choose from a range of specialities designed for this […]

Standard Curriculum

The standard curriculum is otherwise known as the traditional card system.  The curriculum is divided into 6 age-specific classes. Friend – 10 years old Companion – 11 years old Explorer – 12 years old Ranger – 13 years old Voyager – 14 years old Guide – 15 years old Each class program is developed for […]