Amphibians 1

What is an amphibian?  You’ll learn about frogs, salamanders and newts.  You will be wised-up on the use of those common terms ‘frog’ and ‘toad’.  What do frogs do when it is cold or during dry times?  How do amphibians protect themselves?  How can such a small frog make such a big noise?  Did you […]

Birds 1

Birds. This honour is an introduction to those fantastic feathery friends! You’ll learn what makes birds different to other creatures and understand more about the creativity and love of our God. You will reflect on how birds impact on the lives of people, especially the people of your country or where you live. There’s plenty to practical […]


Learn about the magnificent cat family – tigers, pumas, jaguars, cheetahs, leopards, lynxes and, of course, the king of beasts. Then there’s your own pet pussy cat – and all the different breeds of cats. Have you ever wondered how cats can see in the dark, how their ears are protected or why they have […]


What are Cetaceans?  You will learn about these massive mammals which have many things in common with us.  They breathe air, they have warm blood, they have hair and they give birth to ‘babies’ which drink milk.  Who would like a baby about the weight of two cars? The answer is the Blue Whale.   You […]


In this honour you’ll learn the scientific name for the dog family, you’ll marvel at the wild members of the dog family and become acquainted with some of the breeds of pedigree dogs. There’s small dogs, large dogs, fast dogs, pet dogs and working dogs! You’ll learn about toy dogs, rescue dogs and even dogs […]

Ecology 1

This honour deals with the world in which we live and what we can do to make our natural environment a better place to live. You’ll learn about ecosystems, ecological pyramids and ecology terms such as ‘community’, ‘ecology’, ‘food chain’, ‘conservation’, ‘ecological succession’ and – wait for it – ‘eutrophication’! Then there’s the hand-on parts […]

Fishes 1

You’ll learn what defines a ‘fish’ and be able to identify the key body parts of a typical fish. There are about 32000 different species of fishes and you’ll get an understanding of fascinating groups such as Jawless fishes, Cartilaginous fishes and Bony fishes. Then there’s the biggest fish; (12.95 metres long) and the smallest […]

Geology 1

Become more aware of this planet on which we live and its fascinating geological features. You’ll become familiar with terms such as delta, cirque, mesa, alluvial fan, syncline, anticline, billabong and sand spit. Then there are volcanoes, mountains, rivers and glaciers.  Learn about rocks; granite, basalt, lava, sandstone, slate and limestone to name a few. […]


Grasses.  We eat them.  We use them for tools and shelter.  We play on them.  We complain about them.  Our way of life depends on grass products. You will be awed as you learn about something we take for granted – grasses.  What is a ‘grass’?  What roots and seeds do grasses have?  Why can […]

Insects 1

This honour is a fascinating introduction to insects. You’ll learn the distinguishing characters of a typical insect and wonder at the diversity of the insect world.  You’ll understand how insects are classified into the various orders. There’s insect species such as wasps, bees, ants, cicadas, aphids, stick insects, cockroaches, termites, lice, beetles, fleas, mosquitoes, beetles […]

Mammals 1

What is a mammal?  Believe it or not, you and I are mammals! In this honour, you’ll learn when God created mammals and what characteristics mammals have.  Then there’s the different orders of mammals: Marsupialia, Chiroptera, Carnivora, Rodentia, Cetacea and more.  Some mammals can fly and some spend their lives in water.  There’s mammals which […]

Marine Invertebrates 1

Unlike sharks, fish and whales, most of the animals that live in the sea do not have a backbone and are called “invertebrates”.  Many of them even look more like plants than animals and are attached permanently to the bottom. There are hundreds of different types of marine invertebrates for you to discover, capture your […]

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