Specialty Curriculum

The Specialty curriculum utilises the Standard curriculum for the Junior classes (Friend, Companion and Explorer) yet utilises a different approach to learning for the Teen classes (Ranger, Voyager, Guide).  

This program is more practical and physical.  The teen classes work together as one group and choose from a range of specialities designed for this program.

Specialty Resource Materials

It is hoped the the Pathfinders and Staff who embark on the Specialty curriculum will find it rewarding and that through these activities will discover a closer relationship with their personal Saviour, Jesus Christ.


The committee wish to acknowledge the valuable contributions that the following people have made in the preparation of this curriculum and above resource materials:

  • Beament S.
  • Black K.
  • Craig B.
  • Diamant B.
  • Fischer T.
  • Fowler P.
  • French W.
  • Gane A.B.
  • Green S.
  • Ibbott M.
  • Koziol D.
  • Macfarlane M.
  • Miller W.
  • Nilsson C
  • Possingham R
  • Roberts G.
  • Rogers A.
  • Smith R
  • Southwell G.
  • Turner A.
  • Walshe A.
  • Wells J.
  • White E.
  • Young A.