Camp Oven (Dutch Oven)

The Camp Oven honour is one that will please all hungry Pathfinders.  In this honour, you’ll learn about the fascinating history of the humble Camp Oven.  In Australia, it’s called a ‘Camp Oven’; in North America – a ‘Dutch Oven’; in South Africa – a ‘Potjie’.

In order to get the most out of a Camp Oven, you’ll understand the principles of operation of a Camp Oven, how to season a Camp Oven, what fuels to use, how heat is controlled and more.

You will know about and adhere to safety issues while using a Camp Oven.  Best of all you will use a Camp Oven to cook a soup/stew, a casserole, vegetables, bread and wait-for-it . . . a dessert.  YUM!

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