Arts, Crafts & Hobbies

Candle Making

Learn about the different types of candles – free-form candles, layered coloured candles, mould candles, ice candles, dribble-wax candles, perfumed candles and beeswax candles. You will learn about the different candle waxes.  You’ll know the secrets of which type of wick to use and how to use the best wick-size to make your candles burn […]


You will learn the various crocheting stitches: Chain Stitch, Double Crochet, Slip Stich, Half Treble Crochet, Treble Crochet, Double Treble, Triple Treble and other crocheting terms.  You will know how to care for items made from wool, orlon, nylon, or cotton. To help remember the finer points of crocheting, you will fashion sample pieces such […]

Currency 1

Find out what people used to purchase goods and services before money evolved into the currency that we use today. Discover how many unusual items have been used as currency and then evolved to become commodity money and later evolved further to become symbolic money. Learn fascinating things about your country’s currency; things such as […]

Folk Art 1

Folk Art is a modern term for the old traditional, Cottage Art.  Its origins were hundreds of years ago.  Generally folks had no formal artistic training.  They decorated simple articles; often using materials that were readily available. In this honour, you will learn about Folk Art and the techniques of creating beautiful works of art […]

Glass Painting

Glass painting!  First, you’ll learn about being safe when glass painting. Then there’s information about mixing primary colours – what colour when mixed with what colour makes what colour.  You’ll know about what paints and materials to use. It will be heaps of fun to paint a picture on a drinking glass, paint a silhouette […]

Leather Craft 1

The objective of this honour is to give participants an introduction to Leather Craft. You’ll learn about basic tools used in leather craft and how to use them safely. You will know about different types of leather, what leathers are suitable for tooling, how to dye leather and how to finish leather. Tooling.  That’s the […]

Metal Craft

This is a hands-on honour in which you will learn about the materials that can be used to create a metal craft; for instance copper, aluminium or gold (if you’re rich enough!!). This honour is intended to give an introduction to metal craft and only simple hand tools (ie hammers, tin snips, punches, hacksaws, pliers, […]

Photography (Digital) 1

Digital photography has certainly revolutionised the art of photography. This honour has a number of technical topics which explain how digital cameras work; image sensors, pixels, image resolution, image size, image compression, image formats, etc. You’ll understand the basic techniques of taking outstanding photos and use techniques such as steadiness, framing, light direction, angle and […]

Scrapbooking 1

Scrapbooking is a great way to record the events of one’s life. How? Please read on. In this honour you’ll be introduced to the art of scrapbooking. You will create your own scrapbook based on a theme that you have chosen. You’ll know what a journal is. You will learn about materials to use, scrapbook types, […]

Soap Craft

We all use soap, but do you know what is in it and how it is made?  Who were the first people in history to discover how to make soap and learn about its benefits? Do the Soap Craft Honour and discover the answers to these questions.  At the same time you will learn some […]

String Art 1

This honour is an introduction to String Art.  String Art is all about creating fascinating ‘masterpieces’ using basic tools and readily available materials – pins, nails, flat boards and string.  By string we mean anything that does the job of string – cotton thread, fine wire etc. You’ll learn about the effects of different angles […]