Household Arts

Cooking 1

The cooking honour is a favourite for hungry Pathfinders. You’ll learn about operating your stove at home safely and the basics of preparing food that is safe for people to eat. You’ll know about cooking appliances and cooking utensils. Then there’s cooking methods such as boiling, broiling, frying, baking, simmering, waterless cooking and microwave cooking. […]


To earn this honour, you’ll need to do the Laundering Honour first. This honour covers the essentials of ‘housekeeping’ – how to keep all the inside parts of a house clean and free of pests and other nasties.  You’ll learn best way to keep stoves/cooktops, microwave ovens, and refrigerators clean.  To name some more, there’s […]


This honour gives a broad introduction to the art of laundering. You’ll know about washing instructions, washing machines, clothes driers and irons. If you don’t own any of there now, it won’t hurt you to know about them.  Then there’s the tricks-of-the trade; how prepare a wash, how to care for woollens, how to remove […]