Master Honours

Aquatic Master

Earn seven of the following Water Honours: Canoeing; Kayaking; Lifesaving; Navigation; Power Boating; Rowing; Sailing; Scuba Diving; Snorkelling (Skin Diving); Springboard Diving; Swimming 3; 4 or 5; Water Skiing; Wakeboarding; Windsurfing etc.

Artisan Master

Earn seven Honours in the Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies Category.

Conservation Master

Earn seven of the following Conservation Honours: Ecology; Environmental Conservation; Fossils; Geology; Rocks & Minerals; Sand etc

Farming Master

Earn seven Honours in the Outdoor Industries category.

Health Master

Earn seven Health and Science Honours: Blood & the Body’s Defences; Bones Muscles and Movement; Brain and Behaviour; CPR; Chemistry; Childcare (ie Babysitting); Digestion; First Aid; Health & Healing; Home Nursing; Optics; Physics, etc

Homemaking Master

Earn seven Honours in the Household Arts Category.

Naturalist Master

Earn five from the following Nature honours: Amphibians; Birds; Ferns; Fungi; Insects; Mammals; Moths and Butterflies; Trees; Shrubs; Stars; Weather Plus two other Honours in the Nature Category. Note:  Refer to Doubling-Up Rule – ie any honour used in earning a Zoology Master Honour cannot be used.

Recreation Master

Earn five from the following Recreation Honours: Cycling; Drill and Marching; Hiking; Horse Riding; Kites; Mountain Biking; Physical Fitness; Skateboarding. Plus two honours from the Sportsman Master Honour group. Note: Refer to Doubling-Up Rule.

Sportsman Master

Earn seven of the following Sporting honours: Archery; Abseiling; Basketball; Skiing ,Cross Country;  Skiing, Downhill; Rock Climbing;  Soccer; Triathlon; Track and Field; Tumbling and Balancing; Volleyball Note: Refer to Doubling-Up Rule.

Technician Master

Earn seven Honours in the Vocational Category.

Wilderness Master

Earn seven of the following ‘wilderness’ Honours: Backpacking; Campcraft; Camping Skills 3 & 4; Edible Wild Plants; Fire Building & Camp Cookery; Hiking; Knot Tying; Map & Compass; Outdoor Leadership; Pioneering; Wilderness Leadership; Wilderness Living; Winter Camping. Note: Refer to Doubling-Up Rule.

Witnessing Master

Earn seven Honours in the Outreach Ministries Category. Note: A maximum of two ADRA honours may also be included in the seven honours.

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