This is an honour that everyone should have.  It’s all about keeping track of your hard-earned money. Learn the basics outlined in this honour, develop these habits and you’ll reap the benefits for the rest of your life. You will know about household budgets (or farm budgets if you live on a farm). You’ll make your own […]


In this honour you will gain a basic understanding of the wonders of electricity – electrical repulsion and attraction, direct current, alternating current, batteries, electric motors and electrical safety devices. You’ll know the first things to do in the event of a person suffering electric shock. You’ll examine two simplified circuits; the lights of a […]

Signalling 1

This is a fascinating honour. The original has been updated and now includes new material to broaden one’s appreciation of this great topic. There’s a part on fascinating signalling facts. Nowadays International Morse Code and Semaphoring have been displaced largely by electronic wizardry. However, learning them can be great fun and it’s a great team building opportunity. Cut loose […]

Small Engines

Small engines . . . they seem to be everywhere. You’ll find them in lawnmowers, brush-cutters, small pumps, small generators and even model aeroplanes. The list seems endless. In this honour you’ll learn about 2-stroke and 4-stroke cycles. You’ll know about the components of a 2-stroke engine, ignition systems, lubrication systems and different fuels. On the […]

Word Processing 1

This honour is an introduction to word processing — a really useful skill these days. A definition of word processing is discussed first.  Next, the focus is on gaining a basic understanding of how to use the hardware (computers and printers etc) and to put the word processing software into action. To demonstrate your skills, […]