Swimming is a favourite activity of many Pathfinder people.  In recognition of this, there are five levels of swimming honours offered. These honours range from a very basic level (Swimming 1) up to the most advanced level (Swimming 5).  We’ve included the ‘old’ honour title in brackets after the new title.  For example Swimming 1 (Beginners).  Then, at the top level are the Lifesaving Honours.

We have examined the General Conference requirements and aligned them, as closely as possible, with levels recognised by the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia (RLSSA).  If RLSSA requirements have been met, the honour can be automatically awarded.

Please, refer to the table below,  . . . . . . . . . . and enjoy the water!

Honour Patch

South Pacific Division Honour Title



Swimming 1 (Beginners)

Level 3

Water Sense

Swimming 2 (Beginners Advanced)

Level 4

Water Wise

Swimming 3 (Intermediate)

Level 5

Junior Swim and Survive

Swimming 4 (Swimming)

Level 6

Swim and Survive

Swimming 5 (Swimming Advanced)

Level 7

Senior Swim and Survive

Bronze Medallion

with star ⭐️

Bronze Cross

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