Way To Go Curriculum

This curriculum was developed by the South Pacific Division Youth Department to help you share new dreams, seek new directions and set new goals for YOUR Pathfinders in this new Millennium.

The curriculum is designed on activity-based-learning and faith development principles. The club is divided into age-based levels and each level completes a number of pursuits (learning activities) according to their developmental stage.


Pursuits are the heart of the Way To Go curriculum.


There are three levels of pursuits:

Most pursuits are designed for a specific level. However some can be used for multiple levels or run as a whole-club pursuit.


The pursuits are divided into 4 main categories called ‘Pathways’. They are:

  1. Pursuits about GOD
  2. Pursuits about the COMMUNITY
  3. Pursuits about YOURSELF
  4. Pursuits about NATURE

Your teaching programme must be balanced: it must include pursuits from each of the four pathways. For details including the number of teaching hours required for each pathway, refer to the manual and the addendum above.

Pursuit List