Camp Oven (Dutch Oven)

The Camp Oven honour is one that will please all hungry Pathfinders.  In this honour, you’ll learn about the fascinating history of the humble Camp Oven.  In Australia, it’s called a ‘Camp Oven’; in North America – a ‘Dutch Oven’; in South Africa – a ‘Potjie’. In order to get the most out of a […]

Canoeing 1

Imagine cruising down a still river in a canoe.  There’s a quiet ripple as your craft glides through a nature wonderland. This honour focuses on the skills needed to canoe safely over still water.  You‘ll understand safety issues associated with canoeing, learn the importance of Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s), terms such as buoyancy and the […]

Cycling 1

In this honour, you’ll learn about the parts of a bicycle and what they do.  You will know about the importance of cycling courtesy and safety rules – such things as wearing a helmet. You’ll know about hydrating and commonly-used hand signals. You’ll be familiar with the skills needed to keep a bicycle in good […]

Drill & Marching 1

What is it that stirs our souls when we see a formation of soldiers or a brilliant marching band perform? How is it that they can move together as one? Drill and marching doesn’t only apply to soldiers. It will develop your coordination, improve your physical development and encourage your self-confidence. You’ll learn the difference […]

Drill & Marching 2

Having achieved Drill & Marching 1, you are looking forward to advancing your skills in this fun activity. This will lead you to inspire others by being able to perform more advanced drill and marching manoeuvres such as being part of, or commanding, a colour party to raise and lower the National Flag.  Also, you […]

Hiking 1

Imagine.   Adam and Eve hiked in the Garden of Eden, but they didn’t earn an honour for it! When hiking, you see and experience many things you miss as you flash by in a car.  The exercise and companionship are added bonuses. You’ll learn hiking essentials such as appropriate clothing, footwear and foot-care, food-to-take, water […]

Hiking 2

This honour is for those who have completed the Hiking 1 honour and have the enthusiasm and motivation to get their legs pumping. First there’s the leadership aspect.  You’ll review your knowledge and experience gained in earning the Hiking 1 Honour as you help others on their way to earn the Hiking 1 Honour. You’ll […]


In this honour, you’ll learn interesting things and do fun things with kites. You’ll know the basic parts of a kite and the principles of what makes kites fly. You’ll be fascinated by the long history of kites and the roles they have played and are continuing to play. The best part of course is […]

Knot Tying 1

This honour gets you started with knots that you’ll use for the rest of your life. You’ll learn about ropes and how to care for them.  Terms such as bight, bend, standing part, running end, turn, loop and whipping will be familiar to you. You’ll know how to tie basic knots such as Granny knot, […]

Map & Compass

This honour provides a solid understanding of topographical maps and the practical use of a magnetic compass.  It is very useful for ‘cunning running’ honours such as Orienteering.  The focus is on map & compass skills.  It does not address electronic systems such as GPS. You will learn mapping topics such as contour intervals, grid […]

Mountain Biking 1

To complete this honour, you will have already earned the Cycling 1 honour. You will learn about the differences between Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes.  This means getting a good understanding of the components of a Mountain Bike. You’ll acquire knowledge of off-road conditions, courtesy rules and last-but-not-least: safety requirements. Then there’s the best part:  the […]

Orienteering 1

Orienteering is a family of sports where a map and compass is used to navigate from point to point in unfamiliar surroundings.  At the competitive level, speed is an important factor.  However Orienteering Courses are developed to suit all levels of skill and fitness. This is the entry level to Orienteering.  You’ll learn the rules […]

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