Pathfinder Leadership Award

This Pathfinder Leadership Award (PLA) has been introduced as the entry level training package for all Pathfinder club leaders and staff throughout the South Pacific Division as from 1st January, 2009. 

It enables all training participants to develop a thorough understanding of the philosophy and practice of Pathfindering. It provides comprehensive and quality training in various aspects of club structure and function, spiritual formation, programming, indoor and outdoor activity coordination, Occupational Health and Safety as well as involvement in Conference/Mission events. 

Leaders and staff who complete this award are considered competent and equipped to lead a Pathfinder club and conduct basic club camps.

The PLA is a combination of the former Pathfinder Basic and former PLA training programs that were run in the South Pacific Division, as it incorporates most of the training requirements of both. In addition, it includes a number of units that specifically equip leaders for outdoor activities and will ensure leaders are trained to government regulations (as applicable).

Click on each of the titles below to download these PLA resources.

  1. Pathfinder Administration – PTHADM002
  2. Pathfinder Programming – PTHADM003
  3. Pathfinder Committees and Job Descriptions – PTHADM004
  4. Pathfinder Curriculum – PTHOPS001
  5. Pathfinder Active Learning Methods – PTHOPS002
  6. Pathfinder Discipline – PTHOPS004
  7. Pathfinder Drill and Marching – PTHACT001
  8. Pathfinder Sabbath Camping Programs – PTHACT002
  9. Pathfinder Nature Awareness Methods – PTHACT003
  10. Pathfinder Games – PTHACT004
  11. Pathfinder Knots and Lashings – PTHACT005

Resources for this section of the leadership award may have been tailored to appeal to the unique needs and situations of each respective Union within this Division. Please refer to your local Youth Department or click on the links below according to your respective territory.

   Australian Union Conference (AUC)

The resource documents specific to the FIVE modules in the AUC New Skills Development section are now offered through Avondale University.  Please contact your local Conference Youth/Pathfinder Department for more information.

Click here for more information on the OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP SHORT COURSES provided by Avondale University.