Pathfinder Specialist Award

Welcome to the Pathfinder Specialist Award (PSA), the highest level of Pathfinder leadership training.  The PSA has been introduced as a specialist-level training package for all Pathfinder leaders and staff members throughout the South Pacific Division as from April 1, 2010.

The PSA enables all training participants to develop a specialist understanding of the philosophy and practice of Pathfindering by focusing on one or more of the different leadership areas. It provides comprehensive and quality training in various aspects of club structure and function, spiritual formation, programming, indoor and outdoor activity coordination, Occupational Health and Safety as well as involvement in Conference/Mission events.

The specialty areas offered include:

The PSA is a combination of four “outdoor” units from the former Pathfinder Basic training program which were not included in the current Pathfinder Leadership Award (PLA) as well as material from the former PLA training program. The PSA also includes various advanced specialty streams that were originally offered in the former Advanced Pathfinder Leadership Award (APLA) which has ceased to exist as of January 1, 2010.  As such, the PSA is a training package that will specifically equip leaders to become specialists in one or more of seven specific areas of Pathfinder ministry including: Outdoor Leadership, Administration and Human Relations, Camping, Church and Community, Creativity, Drill and Marching and Recreation.



The resources for this curriculum have been tailored to address the geographical and cultural diversity within the South Pacific Division, particularly in Specialty 1 – Outdoor Leadership.  This material is either government- or terrain-specific to that region and therefore it is in the best interest of Pathfinder leaders to work with the approved teaching units for their territories.

Please click on the links below according to your respective territory.

PSA resource documents for the PNGUM & TPUM – Coming soon!

PSA Resource Documents for the Australian Union Conference (AUC):Note 1: If you are a leader and require the answers to the Review Booklets and Assessment documents please contact us.


Note 2: All units from Specialty 1 – Outdoor Leadership are now completed. Resources for “Respond to Emergency Situations” and “Guide Bushwalks & Outdoor Recreation Sessions” have been recently added below.
Note 3: Check out the document for Specialty 5 which has been recently added below.

PSA Resource Documents for the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference (NZPUC):Note 1: The resource documents specific to the modules in the NZPUC section of the Specialty 1 – Outdoor Leadership have not been provided below, however please inquire with the NZPUC Youth Ministries Department.


Note 2: If you are a leader and require the answers to the Review Booklets and Assessment documents for the Pathfinder Core Requirements please contact us.